GUARANTEED & EXCLUSIVE. Our Viable Case Leads are exclusive to you alone. We only work with one firm per county/area for each type of legal lead.

Viable Case Leads are exclusive leads that an attorney could make a case for or could be referred to another firm for a referral fee. If a Case Lead does not meet its defined criteria, you can submit it for credit.

Live Phone and Email Viable Leads are passed to you within moments of their contacting our operators. We perform a validation check before sending them to you or depending on their preference, we can connect them to you live in real-time.

The Rates are flat fees based on the type of Viable Case Leads you to select.

  • Bankruptcy (Web Requests): $80
  • Bankruptcy (Guaranteed Criteria): $200
  • Business Law: $250
  • Childbirth Injury: $450
  • DUI-DWI: $300
  • Elder Abuse (Nursing Home Neglect): $400
  • Elder Law: (Probates/Trusts/Estates/Wills): $300
  • Employment-Labor Law: $200
  • Family Law and Divorce: $250
  • Immigration: $180
  • Maritime Injury: $350
  • Medical Malpractice: $350
  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA): $450
  • Personal Injury (All Injury Incl MVA & WD): $300
  •  Product Liability: $300
  • SSDI – Social Security Disability: $250
  • SSDI – Social Security Disability (National): $60/$80
  • Tax Law: $225
  • Workers Compensation: $250
  • Wrongful Death: $450

Mass Torts: Per Quote (We run customized national campaigns with your lead qualifying criteria for Mass Torts including Mesothelioma, Roundup, Clergy/Boy Scout
Abuse, Opioids, 3M Ear Plugs, Xarelto, Resperol, Hip Replacement, Hernia Mesh, Essure, Juul, Benzene, Attune, and more as well as your custom campaigns.)

Account Deposit. What you pay up-front is a deposit and you can Cancel and Refund at Any Time. With Juris Ducet you have No Contract Requirements and No Risk. We know what it’s like to deal with case leads from your perspective and want to keep you coming back to us for more.

Exclusive Geo-Targeted County(ies). We only work with one firm per county/ type of legal lead. The minimum deposit to open a new account is $5000.

Minimum deposit examples: MVA exclusive on 1 County: $5k (This is the base minimum to start), 2 Counties: $6k (2 counties @ $3k each), 3 Counties: $9k, 4 Counties: $10k ($1k for each additional county).

Note: You may close your account and receive a refund of the remaining deposit at any time.

Account & Dashboard Software with Set-Up and Training. All new accounts require our one-time Account & Dashboard Software with Set-Up and Training $500 (ONLY to be
added to the 1st order of a new account). Your Juris Ducet Dashboard allows you to monitor and “Deposit” funds to your account that will be debited as your Case Leads are
delivered to you. If a Case Lead is not viable, this is where you can submit for credit. The training is provided by a 20+ year legal lead conversion specialist and includes the software
as well as lead to client conversion methods.