Interested in Auto Accident Leads?

Auto Accident Statistics in the accident case leads

Motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of personal injury and death in the United States. Every year, on average, there are more than six million car accidents — two million of which result in an injury while over 40,000 people loses their lives. Despite continuous investments made in vehicle safety features and technology, deadly car crashes are on the rise, marking a nine year high in road-related fatalities in nearly a decade.

Car accidents can devastate someone’s life physically and financially. The average insurance claim for an automobile accident is approximately $23,500 due in large part to extensive injuries. If a victim chooses to file a lawsuit, they may also be eligible to receive even more compensation, including for pain and suffering.

Build Your Case Load With Verified and Exclusive Auto Accident Injury Leads

Is your auto accident injury practice stagnant? Have you tried to source new leads but end up with low conversion rates? If so, a lead generation service could be the solution you’re looking for. Win, LLC connects you with highly targeted and exclusive auto accident injury leads in your geographic area in real-time. We pride ourselves on a thorough screening process and fast delivery to ensure that you have the best possible chance to convert a lead into a case. And you don’t have to worry about competing for a lead. Our motto is one lead per attorney.

How We Generate Car & Auto Accident Injury Leads

We use a mix of Google pay-per-click ads and SEO to attract and direct personal injury victims to our main landing page Once there, they will have access to basic information about auto accident laws in their state, what constitutes a valid personal injury claim, the claims process, and more. If they have a question or would like to inquire about legal representation, they can submit an online case evaluation form, chat with a live person, or call the phone number provided.

Filtering Auto Accident Leads

After an action is taken, a specialist begins the process of qualifying the lead. Not only do we collect basic information but we customize the campaign with specific filters.

For example, we make sure all car accident leads meet the following criteria:

  • There was an injury sustained as the result of a car accident
  • The accident is not the fault of the claimant
  • They have not hired an attorney
  • The claim is within the state’s statute of limitations for auto accidents
  • Lead is located in agreed upon geographic area

We can further break down the claim by asking additional questions such as:

  • What negligent behavior caused the accident
  • Drunk driving? Speeding? Fatigue? Distracted driving? Manufacture defect?
  • Was the at-fault driver uninsured or underinsured?
  • Has the victim received medical treatment for their injury?