Four Elements of a Successful Online Marketing Campaign for Law Firms

An online marketing campaign for law firms has several elements

No longer can any law firm succeed in the incredibly competitive landscape of online marketing without thinking broadly. Your online marketing strategy for your law firm includes many different elements, some of which can be outsourced effectively to a firm dedicated to leads, SEO, content marketing, and more. Knowing what to keep in house and what you really need as a strategy is smart for any law firm looking to maximize their ROI.

The three main components of your online marketing strategy as a modern law firm include content marketing, advertising, collecting leads, and social media. Content marketing is still the king of generating meaningful website traffic and converting visitors to clients. However, you’ll also want to consider a system for advertising and collecting leads. Once leads are in the pipeline, it’s your job as a firm to convince the potential client to work with you. If you don’t have a streamlined process that converts well, all your content marketing and web traffic efforts could fall flat.

Many law firms are focused primarily on turning visitors into clients and then serving those clients. For those reasons, it makes sense for most firms to outsource other pieces of their online marketing campaigns. Hiring a firm to handle the generation of leads for you, for example, allows you to focus your efforts where it makes the most sense- talking to these clients personally in consultations and then handling their cases directly. Your time is best spent working with the clients and showcasing the knowledge you have as a lawyer.

Taking your online marketing campaign efforts to someone else allows that person or team to handle their own area of genius, such as SEO marketing or Google Ads. Finding a firm that handles these aspects of your case for you can represent a big accomplishment on your part because the pipeline will then always be generating potential leads. When considering what to do next with your online marketing, consider looking to content marketing and lead generation first, since the other elements can be added later once you have a firm foundation. Knowing that your business is always growing and reaching potential clients is crucial for success.

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