Law Firm Marketing Tips: Consider Your Strategy First and Your Tools Second

It’s important for law firms to understand how marketing methods translate into the specific programs and software they use to achieve these goals. But most lawyers are approaching this backwards and relying entirely on software to manage everything for them without having the right strategy in place to fully address the goals.

Many lawyers recognize that there are plenty of tools and pieces of software out there on the market to help them be more effective with their legal marketing strategy. However, if you don’t have a strategy in place at the outset, you’re more likely to struggle with your legal marketing because the software can only go so far if you don’t have a strategy implemented at first. Marketing decisions should not be driven by tools alone. A tools oriented focus on your strategy may include questions such as:

  • How can I get to more people on Facebook?
  • How can I show up higher in Google rankings?
  • How can I generate more leads specifically to my website?

These are critical questions and one that anyone in a marketing position in a law firm should ask. However, they are secondary questions and they may lead to an ineffective and disjointed marketing strategy. There are numerous tools that can be used to leverage a powerful legal marketing strategy but they are only effective when you have a goal in place to work with PPC ads, video, direct mail, Facebook and Google.

If there’s no defined strategy to help guide people or to filter down to your ideal clients, you may generate more traffic but it might not be from the type of people that you wanted to hear from. Your branding and marketing methods should be extremely clear in order to be effective and designing a strategy with the help of a legal marketing team can help you clarify exactly what you hope to achieve and to outline a strategy that keeps you focused on what is most important.

Whether you’re stuck on a strategy or need a team in place to put your marketing efforts to work, it’s a good idea to outsource to someone who is knowledgeable in the field.


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