Legal Industry Among the Most Successful with Digital Marketing

digital marketing for lawyers should always include a leads plan

Has your law firm been considering making the jump into digital marketing but you haven’t found the right firm to help you yet? If so, there’s never been a better time to take action. The legal industry is one of the most active spaces for marketing online, meaning that it’s only getting more competitive. Finding a solution that will work for you and your firm now can help you reap the maximum return on investment in the online space, so you should not hesitate to take action. Waiting only decreases your chance of success. Finding the right firm to help you can empower you to bring in new clients using online methods.

A recent study indicates that the legal industry is one of the top industries to benefit from digital marketing efforts. Green Target’s 2014 State of Digital and Content Marketing Strategies Study found that just one in four law firms have a specific content marketing strategy. However, law firms stand out in the blogging arena. Attorneys are intelligent individuals who specialize in communication, but many more of them realize the benefits of outsourcing their content marketing strategy to others.

Whether it’s on LinkedIn, on prominent websites like the Huffington Post and Medium or on their individual law firm blogs, these attorneys are writing blog posts on specific legal topics. When people read and find these, the firms gain clients as a result. There is a tremendous amount of return investment for law firms involved in the digital marketing arena because many people turn to the internet to search for a law firm. these law firms don’t have to invest too much financially even when outsourcing the content marketing to a specialized firm. However, they get a tremendous amount of things in return when it comes to clients who find their website and the fact that their search engine rankings improve as a result of publishing regular content.

Identifying a content and digital marketing firm who specializes in the legal industry will help you avoid challenges in the process and ensure that you are working with someone who understands the nuances of the law firm marketing landscape.

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