Legal Website Marketing Ideas for a Slow Day

website marketing ideas for law firms on slow days

When things are busy in your law office, it’s easy to push off new website marketing strategies or ideas. When things are quieter, however, you have a great chance to look at the big picture and figure out what tactics may work for you.

There are many times when you’re running hectically between court and your law firm and meetings with clients in order to get things done. But then there also tend to be other days where it’s much slower and this is your opportunity to get back up to speed on your legal website and marketing. Often, lawyers in firms set up websites on a ‘said it and forget it’ method, meaning that they don’t go back and review these materials in the future. This can be a major mistake but that rainy or slow day in your office is the perfect opportunity to review these top six marketing ideas. These include:

  • Reviewing your biography on your website and determining whether or not it needs to be updated.
  • Read your home page out loud and determine whether or not it conveys who you are and revise the copy as necessary.
  • Add in a new page to your website, whether it’s as short as 300 words, this can be a response to frequently asked questions or a service page.
  • Make sure that all of the external links on your websites work. Check out your social media to ensure that everything is still pulling up the right page and correct mistakes.
  • Add in extra content to get ahead of your publication schedule. If you’re up to date on writing for your blog, store an extra post or two for emergency situations when you’re slammed again.
  • Review the meta data for your website. Run your website through a crawler to get a full picture of the meta descriptions and title tags that exist for any page on your site. Make sure these are unique.

If you find yourself in over your head with your legal marketing strategy, consulting with an experienced legal marketing firm can assist you with accomplishing your goals and staying on top of schedule.



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