Your Legal Website Matters

The right legal website makes a difference in client conversions

Some law firms have approached the process of putting together a legal website in a minimalist perspective, that is, their primary goal is to have a site that generally explains what the attorneys at their practice do and how they do it. Leaving this as a static website without ever adding content, however, could end up hurting you.

Consider that 70% of law firms have generated new clients and cases through their website. Having a good website with frequently updated materials is crucial for accomplishing this for two reasons.

First of all, regularly adding content in the form of a blog enables you to indicate to search engines that you are posting high-quality content on a regular basis and should, therefore, be ranked higher when people Google relevant search terms.

Secondly, when someone does land on your website, whether it’s from social media, googling your name directly, or a generic search engine ranking, you want to impress that person with the amount of knowledge showcased on the site and make it easy for them to navigate.

A compelling website that speaks directly to the challenges currently facing the person who has arrived there is crucial for converting that person into a client. Your legal website should not be written for the firm, but rather for the person who is facing an issue significant enough to prompt them to consider hiring an attorney. Did you know that up to 74% of all legal consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action? This means you must investigate whether your website is currently providing you the traffic that you need in order to capture those clients and convert them into people you are working with directly on a case. 

The time spent evaluating your website and its current performance can give you great direction for the future when it comes to defining what you intend to accomplish with your website. If your website was created several years ago and you haven’t engaged in revising it since then or developing an ongoing content marketing plan, a legal marketing firm can assist you with these goals.

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