Maintaining Mental Health with Outsourcing as An Attorney

relieve pressure by outsourcing your legal marketing

There’s no doubt that working as a lawyer, whether you’re in a big practice or running a solo firm, can be a stressful situation. Many different studies have been conducted and found that depression, anxiety, and other issues like substance abuse may be higher in law practices.

Growing your practice raises a lot of questions about how you’ll get it all done. Many successful law firms hit this point and struggle to figure out what to do next, discovering that their plates are full of daily tasks and client care. The good news is that you can still capitalize on a marketing machine without any of the downsides- you just need to outsource certain tasks so that your time is free to focus only on business critical tasks.

The American Bar Association has even explored surveys from nearly 13,000 attorneys to identify their levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Substantial rates of behavioral health problems were found among that subset with more than 20% of attorneys participating screening positive for harmful, hazardous or alcohol dependent drinking. Men were more likely to receive positive screens as well as younger participants and those working in the field for a shorter period. Anxiety, depression, and stress were also more likely. Many of these situations can be addressed by the way in which you approach your work and the way that you structure your practice.

Outsourcing as much as possible to someone else can be extremely beneficial for attorneys who are under a massive amount of stress. Legal content marketing may seem like one more thing on your plate and could be a source of stress if you do not have an experienced firm to handle it for you. Consulting with a knowledgeable legal content marketing firm can help you if you are looking to delegate things as the New Year approaches.

This is an opportunity to scale back your stress and have a more positive practice but consulting with a firm is something you should do sooner rather than later before it becomes a point of frustration and stress for you.



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