Repurposing Your Content Marketing

content marketing for lawyers

A comprehensive content marketing plan must consider the channel as well as how often you’ll be posting. While posting on a regular basis is important, you also don’t want to set yourself up for failure by putting the bar so high that the firm is not able to keep up with the zealous goals set at the beginning of the planning year. You’ll know what to expect and accomplish when you’re clear about the requirements. 

Any law firm investing in a content marketing strategy will understand that there are numerous different ways to reach people. The same clients who became interested in working with your services because of what they saw in an internet video may not be the same individuals who were touched by a blog post you wrote about a recent case in which you helped clients recover a great deal of money. Repurposing your content and celebrating all of your successes in numerous different formats can help you to capitalize on everything your law firm has achieved and to give you a better sense of purpose and understanding that draws your ideal clients directly to you.

It is never easy to be in the position of figuring out how to set up a content marketing strategy and this is why most law firms will choose to outsource this to competent professionals. Identifying the right professionals to outsource your content marketing to, begins with an analysis of their track record in the past. Have other law firms had successful results in identifying a firm that posts social media updates on your behalf, uses pictures and tags them appropriately in your blogs and develops the comprehensive marketing strategy designed with your static pages on the site as well as regular updates through your blog? Knowing this information upfront can help you to clarify how you can use the information you’ve already created or that created by a content marketing agency to be repurposed into images, infographics, videos, social media snippets and more. Therefore, you get the most mileage out of every piece of content marketing you create and are more excited about the opportunities ahead of you.    

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