Three Themes Dominating the Legal Marketing Space in 2017

legal marketing research shows a few key trends for lawyers

It goes without saying that legal marketing has become increasingly competitive in recent years as many law firms have turned up their efforts and law firms that were previously not involved to a great extent in online marketing have made an effort to get involved. Three major themes are dominating the legal online marketing space in 2017. These are changing technology, constant focus on users, and increased competition.

Changing technology has to do with the way that individuals search and use the internet for information. Consider, for example, that many different individuals are looking for a lawyer from their mobile phones. This means your site needs to be mobile friendly and prepared. If your blog posts are too long or if the content is not organized clearly, then your readers are going to drop off significantly especially if they are searching from mobile. Consider that each person may be seeing your site for the first time on a mobile device. This can help you figure out your next steps when designing your site effectively.

User-focused competition was a major theme in 2016 but will only become more important in 2017. Your content should position your law firm as a leading provider of your services but should also indicate that you empathize with the reader. Presenting the firm as one with experienced and caring lawyers is important, but don’t make the mistake of speaking too much about the firm and not enough about the client’s position. Clients are mostly landing on your website due to a stressful situation. They want to know that you can help them with a complex legal problem. Consider their pain points and the challenges they are currently facing in order to present them with a meaningful solution.

Finally, increased competition means that it is important for law firms to consider new ways of taking a bite out of that competition by improving their internet presence and identifying a lead service that helps them accomplish their goals. Being able to tap into the power of online leads in your geographic area can have a significant impact on your bottom line.



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