The Value of Custom Landing Pages for Your Google AdWords Campaign

learn how to use custom marketing for your firm landing pages

The content on your website and blog for your law firm makes a big difference- that’s why you want to hire a team who knows what is required to make this work for you. The landing pages you use will have an impact on how many people visit your site and stay on the site long enough to take action such as calling you. This is vital for your lead source.

Spending the money to hire an experienced digital marketing team to put together a plan for your strategy for 2018 and beyond is an increasingly common practice among law firms. Many lawyers recognize that hiring an expert to handle these kinds of campaigns can yield the best possible results but it is imperative that you have specialized landing pages directly tied to your AdWords. Rather than sending visitors to your site, have a custom landing page that is created specifically to increase your conversion rate. A custom landing page can make you look more like an attorney who specializes in the kinds of cases you want to generate. It often provides fewer options for the visitor to click, meaning that their focus is on whatever you put on that specific page.

A landing page that has been designed appropriately can lead to more case evaluation requests or calls being generated directly for you. If the landing pages used with your ads are not specifically aligned with one another, this could cause a problem for someone not knowing how to take action. If you are driving traffic to a specific practice area, for example, the landing page attached to the ad should be directly related to that particular practice area. Referring to all of the specifics on that page and driving people to take the recommended call to action such as picking up the phone and giving you a call will make it easier for readers to identify 1) that you are experienced in this field, and 2) that you want them to contact you immediately. These steps can help you significantly.


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