Are Webinars the Right Way to Advertise Your Law Firm?

could webinars help boost your law firm marketing efforts?

Most law firms know that they need a full strategy for bringing in business and marketing the practice on a regular basis. Law firm business development is often top of mind at the beginning of the year and you may be thinking about strategies that are no longer relevant for you and adopting new strategies that may benefit your bottom line. Webinars remain a positive and powerful way to maintain connections and to educate your clients.

In addition to using webinars to connect with clients, you might consider a full content marketing and leads strategy managed by another company so that you can focus on what’s most important- generating revenue in your business.

You can also provide valuable information to prospects about legal and business issues that are of direct interest to them. This can be one of the most powerful ways for partners and business development managers within the firm to identify and to enhance the relationship with qualified leads.

Webinars provide a great deal of data and can also direct you to the leads most in need of your specific services. In conjunction with all the other tools you use to promote your firm, webinars can be very powerful. 

Someone who sets aside the time to show up to a webinar presentation is likely highly interested in that material and you can use the information gleaned from webinar chats and other feedback tools to identify the most prominent concerns for your ideal clients. You can also learn a lot of information about who shows up to a webinar. For example, if anyone forwarded your webinar invitation, this could be a valuable source of referrals.

Someone who has attended more than one of your webinars in the last year, may be indicating to you that they already trust you as a quality source of information. Integrating the data that you obtain from producing webinars and asking your participants how they felt about it can help direct you to developing the most appropriate offerings and packages to your ideal client base. Consulting with a knowledgeable marketing firm is highly valuable for any law firm.  


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